Collaborative development of a dynamic electronic frailty index (eFI) for older adults living with frailty

Research co-leads:

  • Xiaowei Song
    Fraser Health

Research user co-lead:

  • Rowena Rizzotti
    Health and Technology District, Lark Group

Team members:

  • Ryan D'Arcy
    Simon Fraser University
  • Bimal Lakhani
    HealthTech Connex Inc
  • Carlo Menon
    Simon Fraser University
  • Chelsea Stunden
    Lark Group

The Canadian population over the age of 65 is expected to increase to 15 million by 2061, with 23% showing indicators of frailty. There is growing evidence that frailty is related to cognitive and physical decline; however, frailty assessments are not yet utilized effectively in community and residential settings to prevent adverse health events.

Rapid advancements in frailty assessment have demonstrated that deficits accumulation can predict health and function over time, and when used properly, can predict the need for institutionalization. The goal of this research is to enhance multi-disciplinary partnerships and stakeholder collaboration to create evidence. This will inform a knowledge translation plan for developing a dynamic electronic frailty index that can monitor frailty indicators within the community environment, continuously and dynamically.

Over the 12-month funding cycle, we will convene and collaborate with multi-disciplinary (researchers, research users, caregivers, seniors) stakeholders over five co-designed engagement activities, informed by ecological principles. The workshops will:

Qualitative data will be thematically coded and analyzed. Knowledge translation and dissemination strategies will follow the Ageing Framework by the World Health Organization to ensure best-practices.