Co-developing knowledge translation tools to enable rapid mobilization of vaccine research to policy in BC

As BC strengthens its immunization policies and programs to respond to the challenges and learnings from the pandemic as well as health needs of British Columbians, it is essential for research to be a central pillar of decision-making. This project will co-develop, test and disseminate knowledge translation (KT) tools to support seamless integration of research into immunization policy and program implementation in BC. During phase 1, we will conduct an environmental scan to address the knowledge gap on effective KT strategies for moving research into evidence-informed policies and programs. During phase 2, researchers and research users will be invited to participate in a forum to inform the design of the KT tools. The tools will include knowledge product templates (e.g. policy briefs) and a guide to orient researchers to the immunization policy and implementation landscape in BC. Additionally, they will provide an overview of effective KT strategies and appropriate policy and implementation target audiences for disseminating a variety of vaccine research. During the final phase, we will design and disseminate the KT tools through workshops, webinars and social media. We will evaluate the process and impact of the new tools.

Team members: Monika Naus (BC Centre for Disease Control); Gabrielle Gaultier (UBC); Julie Bettinger (UBC); Bonnie Henry (Ministry of Health); Susan Hollenberg (UBC); Bryce Wong (BC Pharmacy Association).