Co-creation of a resource toolkit for Indigenous community health representatives


  • Shannon Bredin
    University of British Columbia
  • Rosalin Miles
    Indigenous Physical Activity & Cultural Circle


  • Erin Shellington
    University of British Columbia

Community Health Representatives (CHRs) are the contacts between community members and health care practitioners in BC’s Indigenous communities. CHRs play an important role in the health care system for Indigenous health; they provide cultural support and health education within these communities.

Improving lifestyle behaviours is an effective way to reduce the burden caused by obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and conditions that affect mental wellbeing within Indigenous peoples. However, there is limited accessibility to effective, culturally appropriate, Indigenous-led and community-based health and wellness resources for CHRs. Therefore, this project will create a resource toolkit for CHRs in BC’s rural Indigenous communities, which is Indigenous-led and integrates and respects the language, culture, and traditions of Indigenous communities.

The toolkit will be developed through co-creation activities with CHRs and Indigenous communities in partnership with Indigenous Studies in Kinesiology (School of Kinesiology, UBC) and the Indigenous Physical Activity and Cultural Circle.