The clinical and economic outcomes of patients with lumbar disc herniation and sciatica

Lower back and leg pain from a herniated disk and sciatica (pain on the sciatic nerves) is one of the most common causes of chronic disability and workplace absenteeism. Treatment approaches are inconsistent as there is still much to learn about this condition. Dr. Jeffrey Quon hopes to address this knowledge gap by comparing the long-term outcomes for patients treated through surgery and non-surgical therapies at Vancouver Hospital and Health Sciences Centre. Quon’s research aims to identify the physical, psychosocial and clinical factors that contribute to early or delayed recovery. Another goal is to identify patients at risk for chronic disability and help physicians make informed decisions about which cases will respond best to surgical or non-surgical treatments. Quon, whose diverse background includes chiropractic training and research in complementary medicine, hopes this work will culminate in cost-effective therapies that prevent long-term disability.