Building a patient-led and patient-inspired knowledge translation platform for gynecologic cancer research

Advances in gynecologic cancer research is rapidly evolving resulting in new prevention strategies, diagnostic tools, treatment modalities, and survivorship care. Patients and survivors have consistently shared the need for accessible and patient-oriented strategies to access the latest research evidence. We aim to co-create a knowledge translation platform with gynecologic cancer patients to share research on prevention, diagnostics, treatment, and survivorship of gynecologic cancers. This platform will include two knowledge translation tools that have been co-designed and inspired by patient partners. The first tool is a new podcast series on the Gynecologic Oncology Sharing Hub (GOSH Podcast) using a storytelling/investigative approach to share the latest gynecologic cancer research. The second tool is a new Gynecologic Cancer Research Blog featuring a series of different articles written by trainees and patient partners. These tools have been created and designed by patients who will continue to share their insight to ensure that the content is relevant to patients. This platform will also serve as an opportunity for trainees to develop science communication and knowledge translation skills.

Team members: Gillian Hanley (UBC); Amy Jamieson (UBC); Janice Kwon (UBC); Lesa Dawson (UBC); Blake Gilks (UBC); Jessica McAlpine (UBC); Brad Nelson (BC Cancer Victoria – Deeley Research Centre); Deborah Money (UBC); Elisabeth McClymont (UBC); Aline Talhouk (UBC); Anna Tinker (BC Cancer Vancouver); Michelle Woo (UBC); Stephanie Lam (UBC); Alexandra Lukey (UBC); Celine Laumont (BC Cancer Victoria – Deeley Research Centre); Siv Klausen (Gynecologic Cancer Initiative); Nicole Keay (Gynecologic Cancer Initiative); Ariadne Hiller (Gynecologic Cancer Initiative); Nancy Cleveland (Gynecologic Cancer Initiative).