Bioinformatic analysis of large-scale microarry data

Dr. Karsten Hokamp is already known for developing the PubCrawler service used worldwide to stay up to date with the medical literature database PubMed. Now he is working on a large-scale project comprising databases and tools to support genetic research into immune responses against viral and bacterial infections. As part of a major Genome Canada project, laboratories across Canada are studying genetic information on viral, bacterial and fungal infections that affect humans and animals. Researchers are using microarray technology to simultaneously examine thousands of genes. Karsten’s platform will be capable of storing and processing what may possibly be the largest set of microarray data ever generated in Canada. He will set up a system to collect and analyze the data, with capability of comparing genetic information from different organisms and species. This system will contribute to improved understanding of immune responses and will aid in developing new ways to prevent and treat infections in humans and animals. In addition, other institutions worldwide that are increasing production of microarray data could use this setup as a model.