Addressing needs through action: what can be done to help HIV positive kids (8 and up) to ""live positively"" in BC within their broader healthcare community?

There is little published information about Canadian children with HIV especially about the health-related needs of adolescents. Yet it is during this period when they begin dealing with issues such as disclosure, psychosocial therapy, HIV prevention and sexual health, that support is most needed. Sarah Fielden is examining the health needs of children with HIV and developing strategies to meet them. Her research involves conducting focus groups with children and adolescents, families and service providers to capture a range of perspectives on this issue, and to specifically explore factors in the health system and community that allow children and adolescents to “live positively”. Sarah’s aim is to help improve the health and health care of children with HIV, and assist health care providers, academics, organizations and families in developing effective, age-appropriate interventions.