Accelerating comprehensive diagnosis of glioma patients in BC: the long and short of it

Glioma is a type of brain cancer affecting patients of all ages. Modern care of the glioma patient consists of surgery, radiation treatment, and chemotherapy. Understanding the molecular makeup of the glioma can better identify how a tumour may progress than traditional pathology, which relies on what the tumour looks like under the microscope. Moreover, molecular information is crucial for treatment planning in the era of “precision oncology”, which aims to maximize tumour treatment while minimizing side effects. Without a doubt, the timely delivery of an integrated molecular glioma diagnosis is essential for quality care. We aim to achieve this via. an interdisciplinary approach, engaging researchers, pathologists, cancer physicians, and most importantly brain cancer patients at BC Cancer and Vancouver General Hospital, to integrate novel genomic technology and a re-imagined workflow to speed up brain cancer care and to reduce inequalities in access to care across BC.