Vancouver Prostate Centre: Data Coordinator, Clinical Trials

Vancouver Prostate Centre
9 July 2024
Vancouver, BC
Closing Date
Applications will be accepted until position is filled.


The Vancouver Prostate Centre (VPC) has an exciting career opportunity for a temporary, fulltime Data Coordinator interested in pursuing a role in data management.

As per the current Public Health Orders (Long Term Care/Seniors Assisted Living Provincial Health Officer Order and the Health Sector Order), as of October 26, 2021, all employees must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19. Proof of vaccination status will be required.


The Vancouver Prostate Centre

VPC has a large, multi-disciplinary research program that undertakes basic, clinic, and translational research. It is a National Centre of Excellence and a designated Centre of Excellence for Commercialization and Research. It is affiliated with the University of British Columbia and the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority. Further details on VPC and its research programs are available at


Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials are a core service at the Vancouver Prostate Centre and are conducted in close partnership with the BC Cancer Agency, national and international clinical trials networks, and industry partners.

These networks serve to enhance enrollment in our clinical trials, while the structure of the Canadian medical system and centralized treatment centres such as ours mean that patient follow-up information is closely tracked.

By combining the genitourinary research programs at the Vancouver Prostate Centre and the BC Cancer Agency, clinical trial patients can participate in a full range of investigational studies.

Our networks have performed numerous co-operative group and industry-sponsored trials, involving well-known pharmaceutical and biotech companies. In addition, this group has sponsored clinical trial submissions to Health Canada and has been successfully audited by regulatory agencies including Health Canada and US FDA.

Typical Responsibilities

Serve as data coordinator for Canadian Bladder Cancer Information System (CBCIS) and Canadian Kidney Cancer Information System (CKCIS), duties of which may include:

  • Perform¬†data¬†entry/data¬†migration¬†and¬†ensure¬†that¬†data¬†is¬†accurate,¬†up-to-date¬†and¬†complete.
  • Work¬†with¬†the¬†PIs,¬†clinicians,¬†and¬†various¬†members¬†of¬†the¬†Clinical¬†Trials¬†team¬†to¬†continue development of the CBCIS and CKCIS databases.
  • Design¬†and¬†implement¬†processes¬†to¬†ensure¬†all¬†participant¬†visit¬†data¬†has¬†been¬†quality¬†checked and entered within the pre-defined turn-around timelines.
  • In¬†collaboration¬†with¬†the¬†Clinical¬†Trials¬†Manager,¬†identify¬†areas¬†for¬†process¬†and¬†efficiency improvement.
  • Identify and, in collaboration with the Clinical Trials Manager, implement solutions to data management¬†issues¬†and¬†concerns,¬†including¬†proactive¬†prevention¬†strategies¬†based¬†on¬†metrics and forecasts.
  • Perform¬†quality¬†control¬†on¬†all¬†aspects¬†of¬†work¬†undertaken¬†in¬†data¬†management¬†to¬†ensure¬†that data quality and integrity is¬†maintained.¬†Provide constructive¬†feedback¬†on relevant issues and initiate process review as appropriate.
  • Maintain¬†accurate¬†records¬†of¬†all¬†work undertaken.
  • Observe¬†and¬†comply¬†with¬†applicable¬†VPC,¬†VCH/VCHRI¬†and¬†UBC¬†policies¬†and¬†regulations¬†at¬†all times.
  • Provide¬†updates¬†at¬†team¬†meetings¬†as¬†required.


Decision Making/Level of Accountability/Extent of Authority

Works within well-defined guidelines and procedures. Exercises judgement in establishing priorities and carrying out tasks within established guidelines. Will solve routine problems; most new or unusual problems are referred to the supervisor. Assignments may require adapting established methods and procedures to obtain the desired end result, but this would be done in consultation with the Clinical Trials Manager.


Supervision Received

Work under the general direction and supervision of the Clinical Trials Manager.


Supervision Given



Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor‚Äôs¬†degree¬†in¬†any¬†of¬†the¬†following¬†required:¬†Life¬†Sciences,¬†Mathematics,¬†or¬†Statistics.
  • Demonstrable¬†knowledge¬†of¬†handling¬†confidential¬†information¬†and¬†a¬†basic¬†understanding¬†of current legislation and requirements in clinical and research environments.
  • Knowledge¬†of¬†data¬†capture¬†and¬†study¬†management¬†systems,¬†and¬†sufficient¬†technical¬†knowledge to work with existing systems required.
  • Demonstrable¬†and¬†relevant¬†work¬†experience¬†in¬†data¬†management¬†preferred.
  • Experience¬†in¬†proposing¬†and¬†implementing¬†technical¬†solutions¬†in¬†a¬†team¬†environment.
  • Excellent¬†organizational¬†and¬†time¬†management¬†skills¬†and¬†the¬†ability¬†to¬†meet¬†deadlines.
  • Excellent¬†verbal¬†and¬†written¬†communication¬†skills.
  • Intermediate¬†to¬†advanced¬†Microsoft¬†Office¬†skills.
  • Demonstrated¬†ability¬†to¬†be¬†thorough¬†and¬†accurate¬†in¬†completing¬†tasks.¬†Strong¬†attention¬†to¬†deal required.
  • Ability¬†to¬†work¬†independently¬†and¬†demonstrate¬†high¬†level¬†of¬†initiative¬†and¬†self-directedness.



The starting salary range for this position is $45,327 per annum to $49,670 per annum, plus benefits. Initial placement is dependent upon education and experience.


Application Procedures

To join our team, please email with subject line Data Coordinator, Clinical Trials with the following items attached:

‚ÄĘ Covering letter

‚ÄĘ Resume

NOTE: This position will remain open until a suitable candidate is found. No telephone calls or drop-in inquiries accepted. Only those under consideration will be contacted.

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