FAQ – Service request for SPOR-funded entities (SFE)

What service areas do you support?

We provide support that aligns with our expertise, skills, services and additional areas of focus.

Our services include:

  • Capacity development
  • Patient engagement
  • Learning Health Systems
  • Data platform and services

Three areas of focus are integrated across our services:

  • Sex and Gender-Based Analysis
  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
  • Indigenous Programming

What services does the BC SUPPORT Unit provide?

While we do not currently have a menu of supports available to SPOR-funded entities, please provide a detailed description of the services you require in your service request, and we will do our best to meet the request.

Please note that while we do not provide funding, our experts are available to support a wide range of activities.

Who is eligible to submit a service request using this form?

Executive directors and/or principal investigators of the following entities:

  • SPOR Networks
  • National entities
  • SUPPORT Units

We ask that this form only be completed by executive directors and/or principal investigators of an entity. If your entity has multiple research projects, please communicate with the project leads in advance of submitting this form and complete the service request on behalf of the leads.

How can I submit a service request?

You can submit a service request online. Please complete the form in as much detail as possible. For questions regarding the service request process, please email mtorrejon@healthresearchbc.ca.

Can I submit a service request via email or phone?

No, we will only consider submissions through our online service request form.

When can I submit a service request?

You can submit a service request any time during the year. Requests will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

What happens after I submit a service request?

Your request will be reviewed by the BC SUPPORT Unit review panel, as well as a team of patient partners. Following review of your request, the SFE coordinator will follow up with you via email for further information or to host a virtual meeting to discuss your request.

Can I submit a request for a letter of support using this form?

No, requests for letters of support should be submitted using our general inquiry form.

How much funding is available for SPOR-funded entities?

Fifty percent of our grant funding from the Canadian Institutes for Health Research must support SPOR funded entities (approximately $8M, or $1.6M per year).

What happens once funds are exhausted?

Should annual funding be exhausted, please resubmit your request in the following year.

When will I receive an update about my request?

A panel will convene to evaluate service requests. You will be contacted after the review period for a virtual consultation.

Is my service request guaranteed to be approved?

Service requests are subject to a review by the BC SUPPORT Unit’s review panel, patient partner assessment, as well as a financial review to ensure we are under the budget cap. Your submission, including the rationale, objectives, and nature of the service request, will be considered by our panel. The approval of a service request also depends on the time, capacity, and resources available to fulfil the request.

What happens after the BC SUPPORT Unit has reached its SFE budget cap?

The approval of requests is tied to the funding remaining to support SPOR-funded entities. We can decline service requests once the allocated budget is spent. If the request is denied due to financial limitations, the requester will receive resource information, connections to other SUPPORT Units, and will be placed on a waitlist for the next fiscal year. Alternatively, we may decide to provide services to the requester, depending on resource considerations.

I have already spoken to someone at the BC SUPPORT Unit about my research project. What’s next?

Please complete a service request. Include the name of the person you spoke to, and any details of the conversation.

Can SFE located outside of BC submit service requests?

Yes, SFE outside of BC can submit service requests using this form.

Who can I contact if I have questions about service requests?

Please email Maria Torrejon at mtorrejon@healthresearchbc.ca.