Pascal Bernatchez

Dr. Pascal Bernatchez’s research program is aimed at studying the pathogenesis of a range of disease predominantly characterized by aberrant vascular function, such as endothelial dysfunction, hypertension and atherosclerosis, and develop novel pharmacological approaches to treat them.

His latest publications identify novel molecular mechanisms that appear to regulate key protective aspects of nitric oxide release, a hallmark of endothelial function and we are currently testing their relevance in various models hypertension and atherosclerosis.

More recently, his discoveries have been tested on models of Marfan syndrome, a human genetic disease characterized by endothelial dysfunction and aortic dissection, as well as certain rare forms of muscular dystrophy, in which a better regulation of vascular function could be of therapeutic relevance.

Finally, Bernatchez has identify yet undiscovered aspects of the interplay between tumor micro-environments and blood supply, a precess called angiogenesis, and how the modulation of this interplay could be the target of anti-cancer therapies.