Narlon Boa Sorte Silva

I graduated from Nove de Julho University in São Paulo, Brazil, where I received BSc degree in Physical Education in 2014. In the spring of 2020, I received my PhD degree in Kinesiology under the supervision of Dr. Robert Petrella at Western University in Canada. 

The focus of my PhD research was to investigate the impact of exercise and cognitive training on cognitive function, mobility, and cardiovascular health in older adults at risk of dementia. In Dr. Petrella’s lab, I received training in randomized controlled trials design, data collection, advanced statistical analysis and functional MRI data analysis. In our most recent project, funded by The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, we investigated the effects of exercise on cognitive function in older adults with hypertension and early signs of cognitive deterioration.

In the newest chapter of my academic career, I have the honour to join Dr. Teresa Liu-Ambrose at the University of British Columbia for a postdoctoral research fellowship. This fellowship aligns and extends the research skill and expertise I have developed to date, allowing me to gain more valuable work experience at one of the top universities in Canada.