Brianna J Turner

Dr. Brianna Turner is an Assistant Professor in Clinical-Lifespan Psychology at the University of Victoria, a Research Fellow with the Centre for Youth and Society, and an Affiliate Investigator at BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute. Her research combines longitudinal, micro-longitudinal, and epidemiological surveys to understand when and why young people engage in behaviors that are physically harmful, such as self-injury and suicide, and how we can better understand and support their mental health needs. Her work applies a developmental lens to understand how evolving mental health trajectories contribute to long-term risk, resilience and wellbeing. As a Registered Psychologist, Dr. Turner brings extensive training and experience in evidence-based therapies for reducing self-harm, including Dialectical Behavior Therapy and the Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicide, to her work. Dr. Turner has published over 30 peer-reviewed articles and contributed to numerous chapters on personality disorders and suicide. You can find her recent publications on Google Scholar.