Scaling-up a community-based diabetes prevention program: A longitudinal matrixed multiple case study to examine implementation context

One in three Canadians are affected by diabetes. Diabetes prevention programs can help people considerably lower their risk for Type 2 diabetes. Yet, research understanding how to put programs in place (implement) in community settings is low. Site-specific context is often ignored, limiting program success. This means very few Canadians have access to effective diabetes prevention programs. Small Steps for Big Changes (SSBC) is a program for individuals at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. This effective program was successfully implemented within two community sites. The program is ready to be implemented across Canada. This project will examine the implementation of SSBC in 10 unique community sites. Each site will be a case study to discover factors that affect implementation. A matrix will organize all the cases to compare results within and between sites. This method will reveal how context impacts implementation (what works, where and why). Results will offer lessons learned on how to successfully implement diabetes prevention programs across different contexts. Ultimately, this project will increase access to an effective diabetes prevention program across Canada.