Advancing health equity in the cancer care sector: Identifying organizational and contextual factors impacting the integration of equity-oriented healthcare for marginalized populations

Alarming differences exist in cancer outcomes for people who are marginalized. Due to racism, discrimination and stigma, these groups experience extreme difficulties accessing cancer care and are diagnosed with cancers so late they have higher rates of preventable death than other groups. Some of these differences can be addressed using equity-oriented healthcare (EOHC), which directs resources to those with the most need, and reduces mismatches between health services and the actual needs of marginalized people. However, EOHC has not been studied within the context of cancer care. This study is about understanding the organizational contexts and conditions needed to build capacity for EOHC within cancer care in BC. We will: 1) conduct an environmental scan to identify strategies used elsewhere (Canada, internationally) to deliver EOHC in cancer care; 2) observe and interview key informants and healthcare providers who are trying to use EOHC in delivering cancer care, and marginalized patients who are trying to access cancer services, to better understand factors that support the provision of EOHC in cancer care. Results will be used to develop recommendations and action strategies to support cancer organizations to deliver EOHC.